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How to Survive as a Retiree in a Down Market

Fact : The Corona Virus ? has caused Market Volatility, but there are ways to protect your assets .
? Stay Calm & think long term. From 1985 to 2015, the S&P 500 lost money in five out of 30 years, with losses as large as 37% in one year. The other 25 years ended in gains. Over those 30 years, the long-term investor “won” five out of six years!
? Get professional advice. We can recommend reputable CFP’s in SLO County .
?Diversification & proper asset Allocation – If you panic easily and sell when markets drop big time, you should consider permanently increasing your allocation to fixed-income investments like bonds, CDs and cash.
❤️ If you’re Healthy – then Maximize Social Security benefits by delaying the start of these valuable benefits.
? Protect against the risk of expensive health care conditions with smart choices for Medicare and supplemental medical insurance. ( review your Medicare policy yearly ) #longterminvesting #longtermgoals #longterminvestment #healthylifestyle #medicaresupplement #medicare #investing #retirementplanning #retirementgoals #financialfreedom #certifiedfinancialplanner #seniorliving #seniorlivingcommunity #elderly

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