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We recently had the privilege of speaking with the insurance specialists at Susan Polk Insurance to offer insight on how people can prepare themselves for the time that they or a loved one may need to make the transition from independent living to care services. Many people, it seems, feel that preparing for that kind of transition is either not urgent or not even necessary.

Here’s a highlight from the interview addressing the most important question when it comes to what kind of care an elder in transition is going to need:

“What are their medical needs and what’s their budget? Do they want to keep cooking, cleaning, or driving, and what area they want to live in?… Obviously when I start to get a closer look at at them personally and I understand the kind of life they’re used to living, I want to get them in a similar quality of life. But truly the most important aspect of this stage of their life is care.”

To learn more about some of the issues related to elder care and transitioning, read the full article at https://www.susanpolk.com/2019/06/10/elders-transitioning-long-term-care-5-questions-with-nicole-pazdan/

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