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Happy Fun Fact Friday from Elder Placement Professionals!
1. something that gives joy or gladness; encouragement ;comfort ( noun )
2. to gladden or cause joy to ; inspire with cheer ( verb)
In today’s times let’s take some time to focus on Cheer. Not just our seniors need Cheer, but we all do!! Our Mission Plaza, is full of Cheer and we thought we would share with you ..
Tis the season, so spread a little cheer and let’s celebrate
this year coming to an end and new one approaching on the horizon. Everyone needs a little cheer so hand out a smile, those are free.
Ways to spread Cheer
?Play music & Song songs
?Start a new family tradition.
?Be a good neighbor
?offer a helping hand
?Bake Christmas Cookies or something yummy
?Take time to be Grateful
?Give someone hour undivided attention
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