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We would like to take a moment to honor Great Women in History, Did you know that Julia Morgan, whom designed our local “Monday Club” here in San Luis Obispo, was hand-picked by William Randolph Hearst as the Architect for Hearst Castle, for his sprawling million plus acre ranch in Chihuahua, Mexico, but that she single handedly designed over 700 structures in California? Julia Morgan attended Berkeley University where she was the only female engineering student. Not only was Julia raised by a strong and influential woman, she proved that that everything is possible. Julia became the first woman to earn a certificate at the prestigious Ecole de Beaux-Arts.

There have also been women to who have paved the way for others in out Armed Forces; that also have amazing stories to tell. General Ann Dunwoody ,65, was the first woman to command a Battallion, she was also the first woman General Officer at Fort Bragg. Later, she was the fist woman in Us History to be promoted to the rank of four-star general. Way to go!

Brigadier General Wilma Vaught,88, was the first woman who was part of the Strategic Air Command unit when she became temporary executive office of the Management Analysis Division in Guam. Wilma was the first women to be promoted to Brigadier General in the Comptroller Field.

Acknowledging these amazing women blazing trails for our future proves that anything is possible. Thank you to our Armed Forces that dedicated a memorial to all these great women and more, telling their stories serving our Country.

Cheers to these amazing Women, and the many that will follow!

“My buildings will be my legacy… they will speak for me long after I’m gone.” –Julia Morgan

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