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Try these natural methods and approach when trying to calm your senior loved one that suffers from Dementia:

  1. MusicMusic therapy helps seniors calm down and reflect on happier times. According to research from the Alzheimer’s Association, listening to music releases dopamine in the brain and triggers happy feelings throughout the body.

    Music also improves memory function and encourages social engagement.

  2. AromatherapyAccording to a study in BJPsych Advances, using scents like lavender can reduce difficult behaviors in older adults with dementia.

    Benefits include improved sleep, decreased agitation, higher concentration and reduced hallucinations.

  3. TouchA gentle human touch can create a bond between the caregiver and the senior, resulting in a calming effect. It also helps increase trust. A soft back rub or gentle hand pat may be a way to reduce agitation in a senior loved one.
  4. Pet TherapyAccording to Every Day Health, pet therapy has many benefits for seniors with dementia. They include decreased agitation, increased physical activity, increased appetite and joy.
  5. A Calm ApproachBehaviors are often determined by the senior’s first interaction with their caregiver.

    As a result, caregivers need to use a calm, open approach when they initially approach their loved one. It’s also crucial to smile and use a warm tone during conversations.

    Positive first impressions are imperative for handling difficult behaviors.

  6. Maintain RoutinesOne of the most effective methods for reducing challenging behaviors is by incorporating routine into your senior loved one’s life.
  7. Provide ReassurancesAccording to the Alzheimer’s Association, using calming phrases such as “You’re safe here” and ”I’m sorry you are upset” allow your loved to feel safe.
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