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We wanted to remind you to “Stop and smell the Roses” once in a while… Did you know, that researchers have discovered that a simple sniff test, when combined with a brief cognitive exam, can help predict the likelihood of developing Dementia and or Alzheimer’s? Researchers have administered smell tests with as little as five odors. In that test of nearly 3,000 adults, participants had to identify the odors of peppermint (easiest), fish, orange, rose and leather (hardest). Five years later, the results found that older adults with “olfactory dysfunction” (those unable to correctly identify at least 4 out of 5 odors at baseline) had double the chance of developing dementia within the five years following the test. “We think a decline in the ability to smell, specifically, but also sensory function more broadly, may be an important early sign, marking people at greater risk for dementia,” says senior author Jayant M. Pinto, professor of surgery at the University of Chicago.

Fact: Scent cells are renewed every 30/60 days.

Fact: Women have a better sense of smell versus Men.

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