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–Senior citizens today are generally more active than their parents and grandparents were at the same age and this vitality can be a double-edged sword leading seniors to put off important planning until their welfare becomes critical. The Local San Luis Obispo assisted living specialists and Certified Senior Advisors at Elder Placement Professionals have some suggestions to help seniors make necessary plans before their kids have to make decisions for them.

Reasons for elders to make decisions early

A 2018 article in Forbes Magazine reports that today’s senior citizens “will live longer in old age than any other generation in history. Many will live to healthy old ages but one in five will need personal care after they reach age 85.” Seniors are still holding down productive jobs, and even though it might be harder to get on and off their horses, or they are now playing nine holes instead of 18 and cutting down on the number of laps in the pool, people who are still feeling pretty good tend to put off doing much about planning ahead for the day it is time to downsize and have some help with daily tasks.

Planning ahead includes identifying personal signals to know when it is time to trade in the family home for a small cottage or move to a retirement community that offers activities. It also means thinking ahead to the time you are no longer interested in cooking and doing the dishes but still want to eat healthily, or when driving is no longer an option and still need transportation and have a social life. It also means being realistic about health and medical issues, mobility, and living in a supportive environment. Just because a 75-year-old widow is now swimming 40 laps instead of 80 doesn’t mean she is ready for assisted living, but that should not stop her from researching her options and having a plan.

Working on a plan is where Elder Placement Professionals come into the picture. Working with senior citizens and their families since 2009 has given the company owner, Nicole Pazdan and her staff some very unique insight into helping seniors find the right living situation for their desires and circumstances.

Waiting too long can put a burden on children or siblings, putting them in the position of making decisions for their parents, sister or brother. Those decisions, even the process of making those decisions, can create family discord and in some cases hurt feelings that may not mend before it’s too late.

The experienced San Luis Obispo assisted living advisors to help seniors and their families throughout the United States find the best living and care situations. Their services include finding the best options and negotiating costs to fit your budget for:

  • Retirement Communities
  • Home Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Nursing Homes
  • Residential Care Homes
  • Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s Care

And, one of the best parts—the Elder Placement Professional services are free to the client!

The San Luis Obispo assisted living placement specialists

Elder Placement Specialists helps seniors and their families find the best assisted living options available.

Owner and principal, Nicole Pazdan, was drawn to senior citizens as a youth, becoming a volunteer Candy Striper at 16-years old and continuing to work in the health care field as an adult. Nicole holds a degree in Business Administration, from Cal Poly State University and became a Certified Senior Adviser (CSA) in 2007.

Elder Placement Specialists knowledge of the industry saves time and frustration by helping find the best care situation and negotiating the costs to fit your budget.

The services are free. Call for your appointment today.

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