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–Elder Placement Professionals, the San Luis Obispo assisted living specialists, have prepared “Tips For Evaluating Elder Activity Programs,” to help seniors and families choose the best programs. “It’s not just about exercise, painting classes, and afternoon socials,” said company owner Nicole Pazdan, “it’s about finding the right combination of physical, mental and social activities.”

Tips For Evaluating Elder Activity Programs

People make the choice to move to an assisted living home for many reasons. Some just simply choose to live less complicated lives with fewer household responsibilities. Others decide that they need more help due to physical limitations or age-related conditions. There are many things to consider when choosing the right assisted living home and Elder Placement Professionals, the assisted living specialists in San Luis Obispo can help seniors and families make the right choice.

Along with considerations about meals, housing, staffing and medical concerns, it’s important to take a close look at the activity programs. A good program combines companionship and socializing with appropriate physical activity and mental stimulation.

Companionship and socializing

Pets are friends and companions and being able to keep a beloved pet is comforting. But, “pet-friendly” can mean a lot of things. Questions to ask include: How and when does the staff assist with pets. Is there a safe off-leash area? What kinds and sizes of pets are accepted? If staff assists with things like cleaning up pet accidents, or a daily brisk walk, what are the charges?

What kinds of social activities are available and how are residents encouraged to participate and interact? Movies are great, but a film followed by a discussion group is even better. Reading groups are wonderful, maybe even a group where residents read aloud to those with vision issues.

Are field trips available? Are faith-based groups and activities available?

Communal meals are also a social activity, providing an opportunity for conversation, to develop friendships, and just be around other people. How are meals served? Is there a dining room or other options? For example, does someone have the option to eat lunch on a patio? What are room service options and how does staff interact when someone might be isolating themselves at meal times?

Physical activity

Appropriate exercise classes are always a plus, just be sure to ask your doctor before starting. Things that encourage physical activity besides classes can include gardens and paths that encourage walking—maybe even some gardening, a pool with exercise classes or free-swimming time, exercise programs for people with mobility issues and trained and certified activity leaders. Is onsite physical therapy available?

Mental stimulation

Arts and crafts classes provide both mental stimulation and social interaction. Any activity that encourages residents to share their experience is personally empowering. Cultural programs, playing instruments and listening to music, discussion groups for a variety of topics, and table games that require different degrees of strategic thinking or shout-invoking dice tosses are all stimulating activities to consider.

What activities do residents coordinate? An environment that encourages residents to take charge by coordinating and leading certain kinds of activities also helps people retain and gain confidence and dignity.

The San Luis Obispo assisted living placement specialists

Elder Placement Specialists helps seniors and their families find the best assisted living options available.

Owner and principal, Nicole Pazdan, was drawn to senior citizens as a youth, becoming a volunteer Candy Striper at 16-years old and continuing to work in healthcare as an adult. Pazdan holds a degree in Business Administration, from Cal Poly State University and became a Certified Senior Adviser (CSA) in 2007.

Elder Placement Specialists’ knowledge of the industry saves time and frustration by helping find the best care situation and negotiating the costs to fit every budget. The services are free. Call for your appointment today.

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