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Are you are recently supporting someone with Dementia and or  Alzheimer’s disease?  You may find it difficult to know how to help and how much to help. Sometimes they need help but want to look after personal care independently. This can be frustrating, especially when you know you could carry out the task more quickly, or help do the task more efficiently. Avoid the temptation to take over, even if they is really struggling. The loss of confidence could make it harder  to keep trying. Use these techniques to help you and your loved one manage every day life tasks:

  1.  Try breaking the task down into sections. (even if one or two tasks are completed, they will feel a sense of achievement)
  2. Make sure that any reminders or instructions are simple.
  3. Try doing things together, such as folding clothes or drying dishes.
  4. Make sure they doesn’t feel the sense of  being supervised or criticized in any way.
  5. When the dementia gets to a more advanced stage, try pointing, demonstrating, or guiding an action rather than giving a verbal explanation. (prompting)

Elder Placement Professionals can assist you with finding the best and most suitable situation for you loved one if they are suffering from Dementia and or Alzheimer’s.  Call us today to tour available facilities.

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