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Looking for a way to stay connected to Grandma during these uncertain times? The Echo Show is a great way to drop in on your loved ones that are currently under quarantine/Covid 19 restrictions and unable to host a visitor. Grandma and Grandpa can listen to News updates, watch Youtube videos, listen to Amazon Music, even watch HULU!

Grandma can navigate Echo Show using both her voice and or the touch screen. Here’s how: Go to the home screen: Say, “Alexa, go home.” Featuring adaptive brightness, the Show can detect the ambient light in the room and dial the screen brightness up or down automatically which is perfect for seniors aging eyes and or light sensitivity. What a perfect way for loved ones to stay connected, but keep grandma in the know with current events and feel like she has a visitor no matter the distance between.  Stay connected, and be able to drop in on Grandma and see what she is up to with the Show.

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