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Fact Friday- October is Breast Cancer awareness month

Fact : My Beautiful stoic, young ( 38 yrs) Girlfriend has metastatic breast cancer.

Fact: Metastatic breast cancer is not curable;But my hero-Kat, is fighting every way possible! (Hyperbolic, nutrition tailored to her needs, sauna , meditation, lots of prayers and so much more!)

Fact: It’s in liver lungs and …

Fun Fact Friday- Prostrate Cancer AwarenessFact : 1 man in 9 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetimeFact: 5 yr survivor rate is 99 %?Fact: Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men.Fact: Around 60% of cases are diagnosed in men over 65.Fact: Studies show men that …

February 7th is “Go Red for Women” day.

Wear red and show your support and awareness of this dangerous killer. Heart Disease is the number one killer of Women over all forms of Cancer combined. Heart Disease affects all ages of men and women; women face a higher risk  up to 20% higher if they smoke …

For those seniors that are adamant about staying at home, here are some tips to make sure that they can do so safely!

DE-clutter walk ways. Less clutter means less chance of falling.

Add non slip pads underneath area rugs

Make sure each room is properly lit. Nightlights, and over head lighting.

Install grab bars in bathrooms for safety.

Use …

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