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Try these natural methods and approach when trying to calm your senior loved one that suffers from Dementia:

MusicMusic therapy helps seniors calm down and reflect on happier times. According to research from the Alzheimer’s Association, listening to music releases dopamine in the brain and triggers happy feelings throughout the body.

Music also improves memory function and …

Are you are recently supporting someone with Dementia and or  Alzheimer’s disease?  You may find it difficult to know how to help and how much to help. Sometimes they need help but want to look after personal care independently. This can be frustrating, especially when you know you could carry out the task more quickly …

Happy Fun Fact  from Elder Placement Professionals!

Fact: Did you know that celebrating the New Year has been a tradition for over 4000 years?

Also, did you know that over 2,000 pounds of glitter are dropped every year in Times Square?

Elder Placement Professionals would like to share a little sparkle with you and wish you the happiest …

So many Holiday Traditions are cherished by seniors. After speaking to some clients these were some of their most favorites:

Hanging stockings- filling them with fruit and chocolate coins

Chopping down a Christmas Tree

Lighting a Yule Log

Dad dressing up as Santa

Running a toy train around the tree

Stringing a popcorn or cranberry garland

Christmas Caroling

Getting dressed up for …

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